Bespoke bedding more than a trend

by Jason Zanatta

The expression bespoke has been popping up with influential marketers everywhere lately. They are using the term to define companies’ planning process and their approach to developing products. I found it particularly interesting that vernacular traditionally associated with tailoring has crossed over and become a buzzword in other industries. And you know what? It beautifully sums up what we at Novo are trying to accomplish.

A recent desire among consumers is to quit snatching up the in vogue and mass produced items; a feeling of nostalgia has emerged for the bygone era of handcrafted, quality and timeless pieces that augment a person’s sense of taste and style. We imagine our grandparents’ time when life was simpler and the time was taken to cultivate something valued, enduring and unique. How often do we come across goods that were made decades ago and wonder how it still functions and looks great?

A couple of highly successful brands, Filson and Vancouver-born Herschel, come to mind that summarize the epitome of what many of our generation look for in products and companies. Both their mission statements include phrases such as indestructible, withstand the test of time and fine regard for detail as well as an emphasis on the past and familial roots, evoking the nostalgia of higher quality products.

What is bespoke bedding and how can the term translate to the textile industry? It’s the pieces you add to your bedroom that create your character and reflect your personal style and comfort.

It can range from bedding essentials (your pillow, duvet, sheets) to great décor items. Increased knowledge and focus of the industry on thread counts, fabrics, fills and manufacturing processes give consumers the ability to seek out the pieces that truly define their taste.

Similar to the trend in the early aughts that saw men show up in the kitchen, a traditionally “female” space, we see men taking a strong interest in the comfort and decor of the bedroom. It’s attractive for men to not only boast about where they bought their sheets, but the intricate details of its high thread count accompanied by the practical hypoallergenic fills that keep the allergens at bay.

At Novo, we have embraced the custom-made movement and the new phrase bespoke bedding. We don’t think a pillow is just something soft to rest your head on at night and I would argue that a pillow is a “basic” item for the bedroom. We create and emphasize the importance of “finding the right fit.” Consumers are inundated with pillows that offer natural cores, aloe vera fills, extra neck support, pressure point relief, allergen and even water protection; and we are here to offer our customers more choice to suit their varied styles and comforts.

Instead of thinking of a pillow as simply a “basic” item that you need in the bedroom, it’s more fitting to think of a pillow as an “essential” item that can amplify your comfort and personal style.

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