Finding new markets within home textiles

by Jason Zanatta

Being a cat or dog these days has its perks. The accessories available on the market aren’t just dog houses and water bowls anymore. There are doggy fountains activated by their paws, dog carriers installed in cars, wheelchairs for differently abled pets and cat furniture that functions as an exercise machine. The pet industry has skyrocketed.

And it’s no wonder more and more products are appearing on the market. Ipsos Reid estimates that there are 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada, while 35% of Canadian households have a dog and 38% have a cat. That’s a whole lot of pets to indulge!

The demand for pet centric products is so high, there are countless events and expos all around the world that focus solely on pet lifestyle. Notably, the industry’s largest trade show, the Global Pet Expo that took place last week. Buyers from around the world arrived to view the latest trends and products aimed at our furry friends.

With all the unique products available and the events taking place, the pet industry is not only growing, but become very lucrative as well. Just step outside and see the countless daycares, spas, hotels and even restaurants that cater to pets. It’s clear that businesses and retailers, including us, have listened to customers and the growing desire to give pets the best life possible.

How does this translate to home textiles?

The hospitality industry – hotel, motels and B&Bs – are starting to address the travelling pet. Where is your dog going to sleep when you’re on vacation? Similar to how cribs are offered to travellers with kids, you can request a pet bed when travelling. If you’re wondering where to find such accommodation, check for pet friendly vacation properties.

Now the question is, who’s going to supply the beds? That’s where Novo has stepped in. We found additional market demands within our industry that reflect our main purpose; we make comfortable and eco-friendly “human” beds so why shouldn’t we make the same for animals? Beds available in different sizes, colors, feels and fabrics inundate pet product shoppers and we join the many manufacturers in the dog and pony show (excuse the pun) to excite retail buyers. Our latest lineup of pet beds feature GeoBlend fill allowing owners to feel good that their pet bed reduces their carbon footprint.

Something that we as owners don’t need to worry about with our beds, but should absolutely consider with pet beds, is wear and tear. The average home can go through as many as 2-3 dog beds per year, depending on how tasty and chewable they are! The turnover rate on a pet bed is actually quite high compared to a “human” bed. But that’s something we, as manufacturers, have to consider. And, why our pet beds are waterproof – to block as much slobber as possible.

Comfort and style is, of course, important too. Pets need a good sleep like us, and the bed should look nice in the home. We’re thrilled to offer these products to the whole family and provide everyone a place to comfortably rest their head.

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